Invisalign Clear Braces

Dr. Kent Smith Provides Clear Aligners that Will Fit Your Lifestyle

A metal-free way to secretly straighten teeth!

Are crooked teeth making you self conscious?
Many people would like straighter teeth. If you’re one of them, you have probably considered traditional metal braces, but perhaps you decided you have outgrown that look. Sure, they’re effective, but what if you are reluctant to compromise your professional appearance to achieve straighter teeth, especially if it will take years? There’s a better way to maintain your look while working toward a beautifully straight smile. It’s called Invisalign clear braces.

Think you’ve outgrown braces?
Adults are increasingly looking for ways to boost their appearance, especially in areas that make as much impact on first impressions as a smile. Dr. Smith has achieved premier provider status with Invisalign, and has already helped many Irving and Dallas area adults obtain straighter teeth with this revolutionary system. You’re never too old for braces, in fact, as an adult the method for straightening teeth gets more appealing!

How does Invisalign work?
With the Invisalign system, you won’t need wires, brackets, rubber bands, or metal to straighten your teeth. Mystified? Invisalign’s uniqueness stems from its series of custom-fabricated trays. These clear aligners apply gentle pressure to your teeth, gradually moving them into the proper alignment. Patients wear each custom aligner about two weeks before moving on to the next one, and make office visits once every 4-6 weeks for quick progress assessments. Total treatment time with Invisalign will vary, but on average patients spend 9-15 months in clear braces.

Why choose Invisalign?
The greatest benefit of any corrective measure is the straight smile you are proud to show off at the end. But the process doesn’t have to be a headache. Using Invisalign, you’ll enjoy:

  • Comfort: The aligner’s edges are smooth to avoid irritating your cheeks and gums.
  • Individuality: Dr. Smith sends your precise impressions to the Invisalign certified lab so a technician can fabricate the aligners specifically for your mouth. Since each treatment plan is uniquely formulated to meet the needs of the individual patient we are serving, you'll want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Smith to find out what your Invisalign process would look like.
  • Transparency: Since Invisalign trays are clear and unobtrusive, most people won’t notice you’re wearing them. You can straighten your teeth and keep the treatment process a secret!
  • Flexibility: Remove the aligners when you eat, drink, brush, and floss. If you would like to leave them at home on an extra special occasion, it's up to you. Best results are achieved by maximum use, so just make sure to wear them when at all possible. Since clear aligners are transparent and custom-fitted, they adapt well to your smile and your lifestyle.
  • Effectiveness:You’ll see better alignment of your teeth before treatment is over, and begin enjoying the benefits of the smile you have always wanted.

Schedule your Free Consultation Today!
At 21st Century Dental, Dr. Kent Smith delivers the beautifully straight smiles that patients want without using traditional metal braces. Whether Invisalign clear aligners or Six Month Smiles clear braces are the right choice for you, you’ll enjoy an inconspicuous, modern teeth-straightening method. Call today to schedule your appointment at our warm and welcoming office. Dr. Smith’s Irving dental practice serves patients from Dallas, Ft. Worth, Las Colinas, the surrounding areas, and beyond.

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**While Dr. Kent Smith is a highly-trained dentist with many areas of expertise, as well as an Invisalign specialist, he is not an orthodontist.**

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