Six Month Smiles Clear Braces

Short-Term Orthodontics from Dr. Kent Smith

The Secret’s Out: 21st Century Dental Straightens Teeth—Fast!

Why wait any longer to have straight teeth?

Have you ever wished you could have straight teeth without spending years in conspicuous metal braces? You’re not alone. In fact, more and more teens and adults are looking for effective and affordable ways to enhance their appearance that will deliver swift and lasting results. With the revolutionary Six Month Smiles system, patients can now gain straighter smiles in an average of six months at Dr. Kent Smith’s Irving dental practice.

Expert care you can trust

A firm believer in staying on the forefront of his field, Dr. Smith is an expert in short-term orthodontic treatment, and is one of only five certified Six Month Smiles instructors in the world! He has helped many patients achieve their dream of a straighter smile with the aesthetically-focused results of Six Month Smiles clear braces.

How much does it cost?

$4450.00 full case of Short-Term Orthodontics

*includes all appointments and 1st set of retainers

*lesser fee if not a full case

Refer a friend or family member who starts a full case of Short Term Ortho at the same time, and both of you will receive $500.00 off of each of your cases.

What makes Six Month Smiles different?

Unlike traditional orthodontics, this teeth-straightening system produces dramatic in approximately six months.

  • Discreet
    Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are much less obvious than traditional braces. So for the short time you’ll be wearing them, Six Month Smiles won’t mar your appearance.
  • Effective
    The Six Month Smiles system shifts the teeth that show when you smile, rather than attempting to overhaul your bite alignment. For patients who don’t need in-depth orthodontic treatment, Six Month Smiles delivers exactly what they are looking for: esthetic results with a straighter-looking smile.
  • Comfortable
    You might assume that the faster braces work, the more painful they must be to deliver the results. Fortunately, that’s not true with Six Month Smiles! Nickel-titanium wires provide gentle, steady pressure that efficiently moves teeth into their ideal position.

Is Six Month Smiles the right choice for me?
With Six Month Smiles, Dr. Smith can correct crowding and spacing issues that pertain to your front teeth. Since it does not address any bite issues a patient may have, Dr. Smith may recommend Invisalign for more in depth treatment.

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At 21st Century Dental, Dr. Kent Smith delivers the beautifully straight smiles that patients want without using traditional metal braces. Whether Invisalign clear aligners or Six Month Smiles clear braces are the right choice for you, you’ll enjoy an inconspicuous, modern teeth-straightening method. Call today to schedule your appointment at our warm and welcoming office. Dr. Smith’s Irving dental practice serves patients from Dallas, Ft. Worth, Las Colinas, the surrounding areas, and beyond.

**While Dr. Kent Smith is a highly-trained dentist with many areas of expertise, as well as a Six Month Smiles specialist, he is not an orthodontist.**

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